Mr & Mrs Smith Luxury Boutique Hotels

James Lohan and Tamara Heber-Percy, founders of travel website Mr & Mrs Smith, travel all around the world reviewing the best boutique hotels. We took a peek inside their carry-on bags to find out what they can’t travel without.

1. I always try to travel light. I don’t tend to carry much by way of makeup, but I can’t be without my Face Matters 24/7 Balm. I put it on under myOlivia von Halle eyemask  on long-haul flights and I genuinely think my eyes are less dark on arrival, as a result.

2. My tube of Dr Lipp saves me on even the driest of plane journeys, and the balm stays on forever.

3. I also take a small bottle of Altitude Oil by De Mamiel. It’s made for plane journeys: you put a couple of drops in your hand, warm it by rubbing your hands together and breathe in the smell. It calms, soothes and, just for a few seconds, makes you forget that you’re stuffed into a plane with lots of other people.

4. I never leave home without packing my cashmere Travelwrap for the journey: it’s incredibly handy for the flight if the air-con gets too much, as well as for covering up on breezy evenings.

TIP: If I'm traveling long-haul, I'll wear a pair of Hey Jo Leggings. The fabric is so soft and luxurious and they’re so beautifully made, they’re an alternative to denim. I don't feel like I'm in gym gear when I wear them and, when I get off an 11-hour flight, there are no baggy knees – amazing!

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