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I cannot recommend the products highly enough.  I enjoyed my skincare routine rather than feeling it was a chore.  I would continue to use all the products.  The Elixir was very firming.  They really are superb.

Victoria Lowe, Wiltshire

My skin looks more radiant and conditioned.  I love the fragrance.  The products feel luxurious on my skin.  They are easy to use and a little goes a long way making them good value.

Geraldine O’Gorman, South Yorkshire

My skin is more radiant & wrinkles seem less defined.  Fab products!  I think all the products are fabulous, the packaging is clean and sleek and they all smell lovely.

 Paula Grant, Lincolnshire

Brighter, healthier skin.  Lovely!  Love how they apply & how they leave my skin.

Becky Thurtle, Somerset

Within 2 weeks I saw an improvement & after 4 weeks my skin was soft and radiant and receiving compliments.  I loved the quality and would highly recommend them.

Ruth Woodfield, Bedfordshire

Face Matters has helped reduce dryness and improve radiance.  They are beautiful products and an absolute pleasure to use.  I look forward to using them; from scent to texture to effects, it’s a huge thumbs up from me.

Erika Holt, West Yorkshire

I love the Evening Elixir.  It was a real treat for my stressed skin and worked overnight.

Tracy Klein, South Yorkshire

My skin feels and looks more radiant and healthy.  They felt luxurious and when I used them it was almost like you could feel your skin improving with the first application.

 Emma Carter, Hampshire

It’s made a huge difference to my skin, can’t believe it – amazing, so happy!

Charlotte Horsfield, Lancashire

Made my skin feel more awake and less dehydrated.  A beautiful range of products and different to all the normal products out there.

Debbie Skerten, Norfolk 

These products are fantastic.  I have used many brands over the years and these are ranked as some of the best ever.  My skin feels very soft and much younger, wrinkles are much finer.

Stephanie McCahill, Merseyside 

Would absolutely recommend.  Radiance has been very visible and commented on.  The best products I have ever used.  The results were almost immediate and the smell is divine. 

Liz Heggen, N. Ireland

Last week I had the perfect opportunity to test your skin balm. I had two matching sore patches either side of my nose where, if I had one, my moustache would be. Anyway, I put Nivea on one side and your skin balm on the other. With Nivea there was an instant cooling affect but the soreness returned pretty quickly and a second application was needed within a couple of hours. With Face Matters the irritation soon subsided and a second application 8 hours later eradicated any remaining redness. The next day the result of the experiment was so clear that I used Face Matters on the patch previously treated with Nivia and, to date, the problem has not returned. Great stuff!  Thank you!.

Steve Mitchell Posted on 3 October, 2013

I wanted to write and say a huge thank you. Thank you for producing such a face changing experience. I’ve been using Anti-Ageing Elixir for 5 weeks and the difference is truly marvellous, and now won’t be using anything else. As someone who in the past has not really had to worry about her skin, over the last 6 months, I have noticed that my skin has become more dry and blotchy. It is a revelation to my skin (and hands). My skin has never felt so good, a smooth feeling that lasts the whole day. It has diminished the uneven skin tone that I have being fair skinned and my skin appears more plump, healthy and luminous. No more dry areas. An added bonus is that once I’ve applied the Elixir on my face, I then massage the remaining into my hands, and the difference to my hands has been astonishing. They are smooth and my nails have never been healthier and longer!
Amazing, and I wish you much success with Face Matters.

Jackie Harrison Posted on 21 June, 2013

I have always tried to take care of my skin, and listen to the hype from the brands I buy in to, however since using Face Matters Elixir, for the first time it really feels like it does what it says. How refreshing that it comes from a new up and coming skincare brand.

From a rejuvenated Charlotte, 37 from Windsor.

Charlotte Posted on 26 April, 2013

I have fallen in love with this product (the Anti-Ageing Elixir) as it is so easy to apply and gets results instantly. My skin feels flawlessly soft already.

Sarah Parish Posted on 20 March, 2013

Via Twitter: @facematters I absolutely LOVE my anti-aging elixir guys! It’s beautiful! X

Catherine Tyldesley Posted on 13 March, 2013

Since using the Elixir I’ve stopped wearing foundation so it must be good!

Nicky Brogan Posted on 15 February, 2013

I’ve been using Face Matters Anti-Ageing Skin Elixir every day since the beginning of December (two months). I’m not normally very careful about looking after my skin, but I’m always on a quest to find a product that will help me to achieve “luminescence”. This, I think, is a key word – especially for a women having reached their forties. It is the secret to youthful looking skin.

In the past few weeks , I have been able to wear NO foundation, tinted moisturiser, or the like! I don’t think I’ve done this confidently since I was in my twenties, and I never thought I’d be able to do it at 42. Friends have commented on how good my skin looks and it feels wonderful too. The elixir smells divine and is a joy to apply, leaving no greasy residue. I am a true convert and know that I will be using it every day from now on. I mean, who wouldn’t want luminescent skin?!

Emma Sumpster Posted on 7 February, 2013

I just wanted to write to say how much I am enjoying using the cleansing balm. It felt strange at first that my face didn’t have that stripped, tight and squeaky feeling that it usually has after cleansing with other products – normally I have to hurry to slap on masses of moisturiser to stop it stinging. However, with this product my skin feels so soft and comfortable immediately after cleansing and as though there is a protection barrier still left on the surface of my skin. Only a very small amount of moisturiser is required, particularly at nightime.

I have very sensitive skin and eyelids and I also suffer from rosacea but with this product my skin feels as though it has been covered with cashmere or velvet and even the winter weather hasn’t been able to get through to make it sore. When I emulsify the balm and wipe it across my eyelids, there is no discomfort whatsoever. Even using a flannel to wipe it off doesn’t leave my skin sore, like so many other wipe off cleansers, even so called ‘natural’ ones, have done in the past.

As I write this, it has been 8 hours since I used the cleanser this morning and my skin still feels soft and protected. I shall definitely be making this my number one priority for skin care. Thank you so much!

S Mitchell Posted on 11 January, 2013

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